...and the home of the [rapid ENVIRONMENTAL deterioration of the planet and health of the people and animals that inhabit it.]
we wish we could fly.
we dream about space.
about stars and moons and planets and galaxies
about other worlds
like ours.
while we dream,
the smoke is reaching 
sky high.
until our dreams are engulfed by
the smoke.
until the smoke reaches
the stars and moons and planets and galaxies
and there are no other planets like ours.
because ours is gone.

because we dreamed for too long.
not even a second glance. 

we take without giving back. 
we don't think. 
we don't want to think. 
we view the light as their reality. 
we forget that soon
 it will be our reality too.
 we refuse to accept the truth. 
to see the light. 
and we won't.
until it 
blinds us too. 
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